Since 2007

We are a Strategic Communications Consultant. Since 2007, we have implemented tailored suits that help protect and promote the reputation of clients, build and strengthen their brands, expand their market opportunities and improve their relationships with interested parties.

What we do

Comunicaci贸n Estrat茅gica

Strategic communication

Comunicaci贸n Interna

Internal communication

Estrategias digitales

Digital Strategies

Entrenamiento de Voceros

Media Training

Videos Corporativos

Corporate videos

Protocolos de Crisis

Crisis Protocols

Relaci贸n con Comunidades

Communities Relations

Asuntos P煤blicos

Public Affairs

Gesti贸n de Prensa

Press Management

Construcci贸n de Marca

Brand building

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Our team


Executive Director

I抦 a journalist with postgraduate studies in Corporate Communication, both degrees from the Pontificia Universidad Cat髄ica de Chile. For 22 years I worked as a reporter and editor in radios, TVN and Channel 13 (I started working almost while teenager). I won a couple of awards as best health journalist. I抦 passionate about the world of strategic communication, in which I have been working since 2005, trying to constantly stay up-to-date. I lived in New Jersey, USA and near Cologne, in Germany. I try to travel whenever I can. I believe I抦 a runner. I'm happy.


General Manager

I抦 a journalist and Master in Corporate Communication from the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona. I made a great part of my career as a reporter for Mega Channel, becoming distinguished as the best police journalist in 1998 by the general Director of Carabineros. In 2000 I went to live to Barcelona, where I抳e chosen strategic communication and I was lucky enough to work in one of the big consulting firms and experience what磗 it磗 like to be a migrant. I love cooking, playing drums and go trekking with my dog.


Project Manager

I抦 a journalist from UCSC with postgraduate studies in Communication and Public Policies from U. de Chile and a Master in Strategic Communication at UDP. I have more than 8 years of work experience, starting as a reporter in Radio Agricultura and Bio Bio. Then I worked at public sector as municipalities, Sename, Sernac and Ministry of Economy. I like field working and I抦 always willing to acquire new knowledge.

Juan Carlos

Senior Consultant

I抦 a UDP journalist and a Master in Strategic Communication at Pontificia Universidad Cat髄ica de Chile. I worked for more than 20 years in radio and television (BioBio, Mega, Channel 13), then as a consultant in Vox Comunicaciones, I was head of the Sernac Strategic Communications Department and a communicational adviser to the Ministry of Economy. I like to cook, travel and share with my family and friends.


Communications Consultant

I抦 a journalist and lawyer graduated in Moscow with postgraduate studies in business communication from the UDP / Pompeu Fabra (Spain). I'm Russian, but I've been living in Chile for years, and I love it. For several years I worked in media, such as Diario Financiero, and was nominated for the Economic and Financial Journalism Award. Then I switched to the world of strategic communication. Dancing, eating good, traveling and loving what you do are key in my life.


Digital Strategist

I抦 a journalist from the Pontificia Universidad Cat髄ica de Chile. I was a Channel 13C producer for travel and healthy living shows. I抦 passionate about the digital world so I soon specialized in digital strategies, performing as Social Media Manager for Channel 13, Santiago in 100 Words, Modyo, PUC, among several others. I抦 also a lover of audiovisual language, so I have done several advanced courses that I can today apply in cyberspace. In my free time I抦 a musician and artistic producer, I love moving by bicycle and from time to time I like to get lost in nature.


Manager of Administration and Finance

I抦 an Auditor Accountant from the Diego Portales University with postgraduate studies in IFRS at the University of Chile. I was living in Canada in order to continue specializing. I love what I do, I抦 proactive and quite adept at teamwork, because I believe in mutual cooperation. I focus on accounting and management processes, so I live seeking for training courses to improve my qualification. I enjoy my fatherhood, motorcycling and living in the countryside.


IT and Networks Manager

I'm an IT Engineer from Universidad Andr閟 Bello, a senior consultant specialized in SAP systems. I抦 known for developing innovative computer solutions and staying constantly up-to-date, which is why I have already completed five internationally certified training courses. I抦 a lover of Puerto Varas, sports cars and family life. It磗 not that I磎 bragging, but people say I'm a crack!


Happiness Strategist

I抦 a dog, which means that I mess everything up and I磎 not so informed on the strategic development of Sin閞gica as I would like to be. I抦 currently taking a course in Human Behavior at the University of Life. I regret having interrupted important meetings with my barking, but I would like to give my opinion and the humans don抰 understand me ... Woof

Our clients say

Angel Seara,

Sin閞gica is by far the best communications consultant we have worked with. They are today an essential ally that has helped us to communicate clearly when faced with crisis, as well as opportunities and changes, both internal and external

Alejandra Elgueta,

Thanks to the experience of Sandra and Ricardo, we managed to position the establishment of our brand as a landmark event of 2009. We had excellent advisory from them, always very professional but at the same time warm and with lots of humor. It was a pleasure to work with them!!

Gonzalo Santolaya,

I totally recommend them: they have excellent contacts; in terms of human relationships it磗 a pleasure to work with them; and their importance for the company is noticeable especially when there磗 an emergency

Erich Sandrock,

We have been working with Sin閞gica since 2011 and during these years they proven to be an extraordinary team of professionals, who consider each project as their own and are capable of proposing alternatives that go beyond the most daring dreams

Viviana Frola,

Sin閞gica stands out for its commitment and professionalism. We like to establish long-term relationships, and they have proven to be a partner that contributes to the results of the project making it their own one

Marcelo Silva,

I would recommend them because they do their job very well, they have a very good will and a very good contact network, necessary for public relations

Carlos Parada,

Working with the media, especially TV, requires professionals like Sin閞gica who understand the communicational needs of the company and develop attractive proposals so that the media is interested in covering the topic

Ignacio Larraechea,

I have come to know closely the creativity and the commitment of Sin閞gica with sustainable development. Added to this is their excellent criterion and vast experience in media relations. But the most important thing for me is that they are ethical and reliable professionals

Rafael Prieto,

It磗 a pleasure to work with all of them because of their joy, openness, their interest in getting to know what one can offer and to promote that in a transparent and honest way. I like the strategic vision put at the service of what is needed at the moment. We have worked together on several projects and the same thing always happens: Excellent Results. Cheers!!!

Patricio Meller,

We have had an excellent experience with Sin閞gica. They get involved in our work and put themselves in our shoes (no es el sentido de 損onerse la camiseta pero no se me ocurre c髆o decirlo en ingl閟: puede ser 損roactive ?), they make very constructive suggestions and are very efficient. The management team, Sandra and Ricardo, are outstanding

Eduardo Gras,

Confidence in people, efficiency and accessibility is the great value of Sin閞gica, that has always been available at the time, place and with the support we required. They have given us the calm of knowing that we are not alone, especially in difficult times

Dr. Marcelo Coria de la Hoz,

I like the commitment with the client, the dedication and the excellent results obtained. I have heard about communications services, but I never measured their real impact on the company磗 goals until I came to know Sin閞gica

Nicolas Majluf,

To achieve goals, empathy with the projects that one proposes is essential. The entire Sin閞gica team not only becomes an engine for points of view and innovative actions to achieve it, but at the end of the process you realize that they acted as if your own hands had done it

Gonzalo Martinez Urquidi,

I recommend them for their spirit - poetic and practical- that every entrepreneur needs, the one who believes that life is short, that you have to live it intensely and properly, especially in a business world, that is receptive, communicative and practical. The members of Sin閞gica are the ones... worth having next to you!

Mariela Formas,

Working with Sin閞gica is really contributing to the company. Sin閞gica is able to stand out as a communications consultunt, delivering a personalized work, understanding the problems and strategic focuses of its clients, engaging itself as if part of the company



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